Chandra Khalifian, PhD – San Diego Fellow

2020 Publications

Khalifian, C. E., Leifker, F., Morland, L., Depp, C., Glynn, S., Bryan, C. (accepted). Treatment for Relationships and Safety Together (TR&ST): A novel couple-based suicide-specific intervention. The Behavior Therapist.

Szpunar, M. J., Khalifian, C. E., Lang, A, J. (accepted). Encouraging a nuanced understanding of the hopelessness-suicidality link. The Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders. 

Wilks, C. R., Khalifian, C. E., Glynn, S., Morland, L. A. (2020). The association between anger experiences and expression and veteran suicidal thoughts in intimate couple relationshipsJournal of Clinical Psychology. 

Khalifian, C. E., & Barry, R. A. (2020). The relation between mindfulness and perceived partner responsiveness during couples’ vulnerability discussions. Journal of Family Psychology.