National Coordinating Center

About the VA AFWH National Coordinating Center

Established in 2013, the VA AFWH National Coordinating Center, affectionately called the HUB, provides support to the 8 fellowship sites around the US. In addition to our main priority of sustaining the unique needs of individual sites, the HUB team members strive to create a sense of community and develop a community of practice across the sites, among the directors, alumna, fellows, staff and mentors. Further efforts and tasks of the HUB include fellowship recruitment, dissemination of information, providing mentor training, maintenance and responsibility for this website, promoting upcoming training events and conferences, and championing the achievements of members of our community.

The metaphor of the HUB should be seen as connecting the spokes or individual sites across the geographic spaces and distances between the sites. Our logo strives to convey this message of individualism yet connectedness!

Meet the VHA AFWH National Coordinating Center – HUB Team