2015 SGIM: Shivani Reddy, MD, et al. Awarded Overall Best Women's Health Abstract for a Poster Presentation

Jun 19, 2015, 15:38 PM by Anne Stahr
Congratulations! We are proud to recognize the following group of collaborators Shivani Reddy (VA AFWH fellow), Danielle Rose, James Burgess, Martin Charns and Elizabeth Yano (VA AFWH Director - Los Angeles)

Shivani Reddy, MD 

First author and AFWH fellow Shivani Reddy, MD

The poster title is The Role of Organizational Factors in the Provision of Comprehensive Women's Healthcare in the Veterans Health Administration and was selected for the award at the 2015 annual SGIM meeting in Toronto.

Apologies for missing/incorrect qualifications information.