VA AFWH Fellowship Competencies and Independent Career Development Plan (ICDP) Templates

August 2016

Click the links for our editable VA AFWH Competencies 2016 Template and VA AFWH ICDP 2016 Template. These useful tools are a great way to keep track of and plan your fellowship training experiences. Get the most out of your VA AFWH today with these helpful tools!

VA AFWH Seminar Series: Overview of VA Women's Health and Update of VA Women's Health Services

April 2016

For current VA AFWH fellows and fellowship directors, click to access the VA Women’s Health Services Fellowship Intranet/SharePoint site (restricted to VA employees) and locate seminar presentation files.

Women's Health Landmark Articles 2016

Are you looking for resources to use with your Women's Health Journal Club events? Click this link to download a pdf with a selection of VA AFWH Landmark Articles 2016.

Recent Women Veterans Health Articles 2016

This is a selection of recently published research articles that specifically relate to the health issues of Women Veterans.