mentor key iconInstructive mentors have the potential to provide immense professional development, support for the individual and increased leadership opportunities throughout a career. This is especially true at the early stages of an academic career. VA AFWH takes this to heart by ensuring mentor relationships are an integral part of the fellowship experience. AFWH directors, mentors, and staff understand mentoring is a multifaceted activity with no single formula for establishing and maintaining an effective mentor/mentee relationship.

Whether you are a seasoned mentor, a newly minted mentor or a mentee, there are tools and strategies worth considering for your mentoring tool kit to assist you in building dynamic, professional relationships. We have tried to collect some of those tools and strategies here for you. Please contact us if you have an idea for content we should include here or would like to share some of your favorite mentoring resources.

Resources for Mentees

These are suggested resources mentees might use or consider when establishing new mentoring relationships and effectively building those professional associations.

Resources for Mentors

No matter if you have years of experience or are relatively new to the mentoring encounter, these resources can help you think about the essential elements of mentoring and aiding someone to construct their career.

Independent Career Development Plans (ICDP)

What are they? What do they look like? How do I write one? That's just some of the questions these resources can help you navigate.