Professional Development . . .and stuff like that!

We all live life in the professional fast lane; juggling the demands of work, family, friends, our health and welfare. Here we have gathered a selection of resources to help you potentially embrace tight corners, avoid professional flat tires, roadblocks and traffic jams. Ultimately, we hope these ideas can make your day a little lighter or discover a new way of thinking or approaching situations and tasks you encounter.

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VA AFWH Seminar Series: Overview of VA Women's Health and Update of VA Women's Health Services

April 2016

For current VA AFWH fellows and fellowship directors, click to access the VA Women’s Health Services Fellowship Intranet/SharePoint site (restricted to VA employees) and locate seminar presentation files.

How to Say No Politely by Devin Tomb

Does it sometimes feel like one more straw will break the camels back? Do you feel like you are being asked to do more but you just don't have the time and you're not sure how you say no? Perhaps these 9 suggestions for How to Say No Politely from Devin Tomb at will help.

Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has The Time by Brigid Schulte

Book suggestion from VA AFWH alum Nicole Pulia, PhD

You might be tempted to scoff at the irony of this book because . . . who has time to read a book when we're so overwhelmed, right? Well maybe that's the point and why we should at least consider reading chapters 13. Finding Time and 14. Toward Time Serenity.

Stay tuned for a "skinny" book review of salient concepts from the book!