West Haven, Connecticut

West Haven SiteCurrently seeking physician and psychology fellowship applicants! If interested contact Dr Sally G. Haskell or Dr Cynthia Brandt by email or click Apply Now! for our general online, initial application process.

Location: VA Connecticut Healthcare System, 950 Campbell Avenue
West Haven, CT 06516

Fellowship Site Established: 2012

Academic Affiliations: Yale School of Medicine, VA Central Office

Director: Sally G. Haskell, MD MS

Comprehensive Women’s Health, VA Central Office        

Associate Professor, Yale School of Medicine

Email: sally.haskell@va.gov

Co-Director: Cynthia Brandt, MD MPH

Staff Physician VA Connecticut Healthcare System

Professor, Yale School of Medicine

Email: cynthia.brandt@va.gov

Fellowship Goal: To provide an outstanding training program that will contribute to the improvement of clinical practice by educating Comprehensive Women’s Health Clinicians who are truly expert in the care of women Veterans who will also be able to contribute to the scholarly pursuit of women’s health research and policy development.

Research Foci: Gender disparities in cost, utilization and medical and mental health outcomes after combat exposure in Iraq and Afghanistan (The Women Veterans Cohort Study); medical informatics; chronic pain in women Veterans; gender disparities in cardiovascular risk and outcomes; implementation of comprehensive women’s health in the Veteran’s Health Administration.

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